Mī Mix Original 320

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Stay sharp and at your best with the Mī Mix Original 320. Designed to be a complete meal for on-the-go and time-crunched situations, the Mī Mix Original 320 will keep you full and focused for those times in the week when you have your hands full and can’t afford to slow down for a traditional meal. The Mī Mix Original 320 has a balanced macronutrient profile, as well as loads of micronutrients so you don’t have to worry about getting what your body needs. Whether you’re stuck in the office, on the run with friends, or need a quick meal on a hike, we’re confident our line of nutritionally-complete meal shakes will keep you going strong!

  • Delicious mild vanilla flavor
  • Complete meal
  • 320kcal of nutrients
  • Designed for on-the-go use
  • Easy to use, single serve packets
  • Balanced macronutrient profile
  • 24g 100% PDCAAS protein
  • All 9 essential amino acids
  • Plant-based, unsaturated lipids
  • 24 Vitamins and minerals
  • 5g Fiber
  • Less than 2g sugars