You’re a Pro, so treat your body like one.

Whether it’s your work, your passions, or just the craziness of life, you deserve to always be at your best. That’s why Mī Mix is personalized specifically for your body’s needs. Don’t compromise your nutrition just because you’re on the go. Stay out there and keep being awesome with Mī Mix.
Why Mī mix
You're Unique.
One-size- fits-all fits no one

You’re unique and so is your physiology, so why settle for one-size-fits all nutrition? Your nutritional goals and activity level change over time, so shouldn’t your meals change too? And it’s more than just intuitive—modern nutritional science has long advocated for personalized diets and nutritional intake.

That’s where we come in. The Mī Mix recommendation engine uses an adapted form of the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation that takes into account your body type, nutritional goals, and activity level in order to help you select which of our products are the best fit for you. Mī Mix lets you breaks the mold and start getting what your body needs with confidence and ease.

Why Mī mix
Take back control of your life
Even when you're on the go

We know that you go pro in everything that you do – form your work, to your passions, to your busy life. And you need nutrition to meet you where you are, on your terms. Your time is valuable, and you don’t always have time to sit down for a healthy meal 21 times a week!

Mī Mix shakes are engineered to keep you going when you’re short on time. Our single serve packets are grab-and-go, so you never have to worry about bulky bags or measuring out a serving size that is right for your body. Mī Mix takes the planning out of getting a balanced meal. Even when you’re in those tight spots, Mī Mix enables you to keep hunger at bay so you can keeping doing what you do!

Why Mī mix
Take the guess work out of nutrition

Mī Mix is engineered to be a nutritionally complete meal replacement beverage with real ingredients that you can feel good about.

The Mī Mix formula has macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) balanced to USDA and HHS recommendations for your daily caloric needs. With Mī Mix you don’t have to worry about over-indexing on any one food group, and you can feel confident you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs to be at its best.

FDA recommended ranges for macronutrients.

At Mī Mix we use peer-reviewed scientific research, not health tabloid "tips and tricks," to design our products. We're passionate about offering authentic nutrition that you can trust.

Why Mī mix
Complete Nutrition.
Quality ingredients to keep you going
Real Ingredients

Our macronutrients are made from real plant ingredients that you recognize, such as soybeans, sunflower seeds, tapioca, and corn, so you don’t have to wonder what you’re eating with a Mī Mix meal shake.

High Quality Protein

Our shakes use only complete, 100% PDCAAS proteins, ensuring that you get the most out of your meal. Mī Mix proteins contain all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs to perform at its best.

Plant-based Fats

Mī Mix fats are 100% plant based. That means you’re getting the healthy fats your body and brain need to stay sharp. It also means that Mī Mix shakes contain zero cholesterol, and are loaded with the unsaturated fats and Omega fatty acids your body needs.

Soluble Fiber

We use soluble plant-based fiber to ensure that you feel and remain satiated with a Mī Mix shake, without any gastrointestinal distress. The soluble fiber we use also helps to promote healthy gastrointestinal function.

No Added Sugars

Mī Mix shakes contain zero added sugars, and minimal amounts of mono- and disaccharides, keeping that sugar crash out of your shake experience. Our carb sources are clean and plant-based, and mix well with water so you don’t feel like you’re eating a bunch of grit!

Loaded with Micronutrients

Our shakes our packed with 24 vitamins and minerals that your body needs, including a host of B Vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, and Calcium, to name just a few!

Great Taste

When we set out to make Mī Mix, making something good for you wasn’t enough – we wanted it to taste great too. The flavor of our Mī Mix shake is a very mild vanilla, with just a hint of sweetness. That way, you don’t have to hold your nose to get it down, but you also don’t feel like you’re drinking a dessert.

Easy, Single-Serve Packets

We designed Mī Mix with busy, active, always on-the-go people in mind. That’s why we made Mī Mix come in single serve pouches that make it easy for you to pour, mix, and drink.

Great health starts today.