On-the-go meals when you need them.

Nutritionally complete, drinkable meals so you don't have to slow down when life picks up.

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all.

One-size-fits-all is a thing of the past. Personalize your meal shake and give your body what it needs.

You deserve the best.

Mī Mix meal shakes are nutritionally balanced and optimized for your body and lifestyle.

How it works

We get it, life is crazy, and you don't always have time to slow down for a meal. That's why Mī Mix is personalized for what your body needs, so you can stay out there and keep being awesome.

Tell us about yourself.

How active are you? Male, Female? We just need to ask you a few quick questions to better understand your body’s caloric and nutritional needs.

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After crunching the numbers, we'll recommend the product that best fits your needs.

Feel Good. Be Awesome!

We’ll send your order right to your door step so you never have to slow down, and you’re always at your best!

On-the-go meals

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Balanced Macronutrients

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Fuel your Awesome.

Fuel your body with what you need.
Personalize your drinkable meal replacement beverage so you never have to slow down.

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